The history of Zeta Beer commences in the Polytechnical University of Valencia 13 years ago, back in 2001, where the founders of the company met each other while taking a degree in Industrial Engineering. This relationship that originated back then would result ,years later, in the constitution of a brewing company.


Manuel, a significant cuisine aficionado and active cook discovered, shortly after obtaining his degree, the world of  homebrewing and gathered ample experience in the ins and outs of the beer manufacturing process, highly motivated by his passion for organic chemistry.


On the other hand Carlos, successive to completing his education, worked for 5 years in Denmark in the field of energy efficiency, during which he carried out works for large brewing companies scattered across the globe in countries such as England, Portugal, Scotland, Mozambique, Botswana or the United States of America.

One day, after Carlos had visited Manuel’s place to take a closer look at the brewing machine the latter had built, the idea of starting up their own brewing company originated. Convinced that both of them gathered the appropriate skills and knowledge, they decided not to simply scale the homebrewing process, but to take it one step further by using a much higher degree of technology and sophistication in their brewing equipments in order to produce 100% natural beer of the highest quality.


And so then, after having quitted their respective jobs to meet up again in Alboraya (Valencia), Zeta Brewing Company was founded in October 2013, where the highest quality beer from Valencia is produced.


Compañía Cervecera Zeta S.L.

Camí de la mar 21

ES-46120 Alboraya


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